CRSA meetings and exchanges

Meeting and discussions with France Assos Sante

CRSA and French assos Sante have agreed on a regular exchange. The first meeting took place on January 18, 2022. Partnerships have committed to funding information for user representatives (a guide to good practice in user commissions, an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand applications brochure [FALC]) will be strengthened. CRSA is associated with users’ day on September 15, at the end of which special recommendations will be made by users and their representatives for the development of a new regional health project.

Exchange with the Coordination Group for the Improvement of Professional Practices in Healthcare (CAPSS Bretagne).

A meeting was organized between CAPPS Bretagne (P Jarno, A Berkesse) and CRSA (R Ollivier, P Royer) on the activities of CAPPS, particularly in the field of user involvement (axis 5 of its Objectives agreement). ). It was noted that future recommendations of the CRSA regional health project could be implemented by CAPPS in areas of competence and thus find concrete translation, for example in the area of ​​user participation in improving care and/or support.

Brittany Regional Ethics Area (EREB) and CRSA

The president of EREB came to present the work of this institution at the plenary meeting on June 16, 2022. CRSA integrates the ethical dimension into its work and promotes the development of ethical spaces in healthcare facilities and services. He conveyed the positions of EREB and the National Advisory Committee on Ethics (CCNE) regarding personal freedom and user rights during detention. The challenge is to express the work of the two bodies through coordinated actions, such as organizing public debates where necessary.

CRSA joins forces with EREB as part of a consultation on an end-of-life approach. On 21 December 2022, at the public debate organized at the EREB in Saint-Malo, it was represented by its vice-president, Pascal Royer.

Meetings and exchanges with health sector federations and components in Brittany

These exchanges with the CRSA president allowed me to get to know better the various stakeholders in the health care field that required meetings. They allowed to address common themes in order to prepare the future regional health project (PRS3).

September 15, 2022: 4th regional day of user representatives

Users’ House, Social Life Councils, Therapeutic Patient Education… all these were entities that allowed users’ representatives, quality managers of institutions and other professionals in the health field to come together and exchange. and medical-social.

Today, the “User Training of Regional Health Councils” was organized in collaboration with the presidents of Maisons Associative de la Santé, France Assos Santé Bretagne and GCS-CAPPS.

After a long period of limited face-to-face meetings, the mobilization of about 120 people contributed to the success of this 4th regional day of user representatives.

For the next edition: see you in 2024!

Exchanges with the new CTS

Continuing the exchanges that took place in the first half of 2022, on October 12, 2022, a meeting was organized between the AYS General Administration, CTS presidents and CRSA president.

On this occasion, CTS and CRSA agreed to combine their input on the recommendations of the National Council for Reconstruction (CNR) with the preparation of the opinion on the future regional health project (PRS). Thus, the plenary session of CRSA on December 6, 2022 was held with the organization of workshops that included contributions from 7 CTS.

These contributions focus on 4 general themes:

  • prevention,
  • health opportunity,
  • the attractiveness of professions in the regions,
  • disability-aging-uncertainty.

CTS has also selected the following additional topics:

  • Chronic diseases (CTS St Malo Dinan)
  • Environmental Health (CTS Lorient Quimperlé)
  • End of Life (Heart of Breizh and Armor CTS)
  • Health Innovation (CTS Pen Ar Bed)
  • Population responsibility (CTS Brocéliande Atlantique)
  • Mental health (CTS Haute Bretagne)

The results of the work of CTS can be found here

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