DeepL announces the launch of DeepL Write, a new German unicorn, AI writing tool.

2023 is off to a strong start for DeepL, one of the leaders in the field of artificial intelligence: on January 11th, it announced the launch of the beta version of DeepL, turning it into a unicorn after a fundraising campaign. Write is an AI writing tool that allows anyone to improve their texts and write them clearly and accurately.

Based in Cologne, Germany, DeepL was founded in 2009 as Linguee and introduced the first Internet search engine for translations. Linguee has answered 10 billion queries from more than a billion users.

Led by Yaroslav Kutylovsky, the Linguee team started working on the first version of DeepL Translator, a free online machine translation system based on neural networks, in 2016. Thanks to the data collected by Linguee, the team is upgrading the main networks and launching the translation tool in August 2017.

In March 2018, a paid version, DeepL Pro, was launched, which can integrate with translation software, offers an API, as well as an optimized version of the online translator.

In 2020, DeepL launches a new translation system that improves the quality of translations by combining many of its achievements in artificial intelligence, especially neural network architecture. The new version of DeepL’s translator is scientifically evaluated in blind tests with professional translators who prefer Google, Amazon or Microsoft systems.

A mobile app for iPhone and iPad will be offered later in April 2021.

According to DeepL, the tool, which provides translations for 27 languages, is now used by millions of people and more than 20,000 companies worldwide to translate emails, adapt marketing campaigns, make offers in multiple languages, and align communications within multinational teams. .


On January 11, DeepL announced a partnership with new investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, IVP, Atomico and WiL, valuing it at one billion dollars.

Jarek Kutylowski, CEO and Founder of DeepL, commented:

“DeepL has changed the way translation works and therefore work internationally. These new partnerships will allow us to continue our investments in translational AI, as well as communications in general. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have changed the way we communicate, especially in the worlds of business and education. Our goal is to use artificial intelligence to make communication on a global scale as simple as possible. For this, we intend to expand our product range.”

AI writing tool DeepL Write

It was feedback from DeepL Translator users that inspired the startup to create DeepL Write. Many of them have tried to improve the quality of their text by changing the source language to the target language and vice versa several times using DeepL Translator.

DeepL Write can perfect all types of texts written in English or German: emails, presentations, academic papers…

Like DeepL Translator, DeepL Write uses sophisticated neural networks capable of capturing the context and nuances of texts, then suggests changes in syntax, register, style and terminology, and corrects any grammatical errors. These suggestions allow optimizing the reformatting of input texts, users can choose their preferred suggestions without having to retype everything themselves.

Yaroslav Kutylovsky explains:

“Whether reading or listening, everyone is generally able to identify the most natural-looking formulas. On the other hand, when it comes to writing or speaking, word searches are not uncommon, even in one’s native language. That’s where DeepL Write comes in, offering ideas for reshaping and improving their text, in addition to simple standard corrections.”

DeepL Write can be accessed from a computer or mobile device online at

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