HANDBALL. France – Sweden: watch the match live

For the third year in a row, the French team finds Sweden on the eve of the final. The Olympians will have a lot of work to do in front of the crowd that beat the European champions. Watch the semifinals of the World Handball Championship live with us on L’Internaute.

20:45 – Mathe: “This team runs a lot”

“This team runs a lot in wide space and scores a lot: as soon as the opposing shooter gets a little space, they immediately use 5v6 and Albin Lagergren, right-backs, plus wingers loyal to the Scandinavian school.A list that we mustn’t forget the goalkeepers, especially Andreas Palicka, who has had his goals since the start of the competition.presents assistant coach Eric Mathe.

20:40 – The indomitable Fabregas

At 26, Ludovic Fabregas is in great form. A pillar of the French defense and a key asset in attack, FC Barcelona pivot Guillaume Gille is the most used player (4:40 in 7 games). Having scored 22 goals since the start of the World Cup, he is the competition’s best interceptor with 13 interceptions or 1.9 per game.

20:35 – A spectacular graduation

Jim Gottfridsson, the decisive player of last year’s European semi-final, will not participate in today’s match. Sweden’s Euro 2022 best player dislocated his finger in the quarter-final match against Egypt and was forced to miss the rest of the World Cup. With 20 goals and 37 assists, he was Sweden’s most decisive attacking player.

20:30 – Two failures in a row

Since the turn of the century, France and Sweden have clashed in knockout (or final) matches six times, with four times going in the Blues’ favour. But the last two clashes laughed in the face of the Scandinavians. In the semifinals of the 2021 World Cup, Wanne scored 11 goals during his team’s performance (32-26), while Gottfridsson was unstoppable on the court with 9 goals at the same stage of the competition last year. Sweden success (34-33).

20:25 – Meme between the centuries

At the age of 25, Dika Mem will make his 100th cap with the French team tonight. The Barcelona right-back, the Blues’ attacking leader, made his selection debut six and a half years ago, on October 23, 2016, in a Euro 2018 qualifier against Lithuania at the age of just 19.

20:20 – Martyr by Gottfridsson

The last meeting between the two countries is scheduled for January 2022. In the semi-finals of the European Championship (already), France started well before the collapse as it approached the break, losing a 4-ball lead (7-3) and falling behind by 3 points (14-17). The Blues were never able to close the gap and lost by one goal (33-34). Gottfridsson, the author of 9 goals, was the great architect of Sweden’s success, which was a prelude to the coronation of Europe.

20:16 – Sweden is stronger than Egypt

Sweden did what it took against Egypt in the previous round to reach the last 4 at home (26-22). The European champions made the difference by setting up an impenetrable defense in the first half and keeping the Egyptians to 9 goals. Even if Gottfridsson dislocated his finger at the end of the World Cup and said goodbye, the sequel was quieter.

20:12 – Germany is behind

In the quarterfinals, it took almost forty minutes before the French team took the full measure of Germany (35-28). The fort was taken by Desbonnet (14/30), who was able to apply his defenses and disgust his opponent, who lacked too many weapons to deal with the challenge.

20:05 – Act LVII

France and Sweden have met 56 times in their shared history. At least we can say that the balance sheet is overwhelmingly Scandinavian with 34 wins to the Blues’ 18 wins (for 4 draws).

20:00 – Good evening and welcome

Good evening and welcome to live commentary of the World Men’s Handball Championship semi-finals. As in Egypt two years ago, France faces Sweden among unbeaten teams (7 wins).

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