Pension reform: the finance committee adopts the text

The bill amending the financing “On social security” was considered “for opinion” in the Finance Committee of the Milli Majlis. From January 30, the first opportunity for a debate between the supporters of the reform and their opponents before the examination of the text by the deputies of the Social Affairs Committee.

It’s a dispute between a few people.”company selectionThis is how Eric Coquerel, chairman of the finance committee (La France insoumise), defined the problem of the pension reform project, which was examined by the finance commissioners of the National Assembly on Friday, January 27.

At the beginning of next week, the deputies of the Finance Committee were invited to the examination, the day after the discussion of about 7,000 amendments for the purpose of examining the text by the Social Issues Committee.note” Changing the social security financing bill (PFRSS). At the end of the discussion in the form of an exercise, the text was approved by the majority of MPs in the finance committee before examining the next steps in the Assembly.

“I enjoy retirement”

I believe that the pensioner has the right to use the pension for as many years as possible, in a healthy way“, noted Eric Coquerel before being listed own solutions to fund a pay-as-you-go system. The Chairman of the Finance Committee proposes to be taxed in particular.”social payments at the same level as the dividends of the entire country’s labor income“or move jobs”uberized“in salaried jobs.

On the side of the majority, artist Marina Ferrari (Democrat) wished objectify the argument“.”Contrary to what I’ve been hearing lately, healthy life expectancy at age 65 has increased over the past decade.“, he said, Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance) joined the performances. “Demographic dynamics are taking us over“, the chief speaker of the budget assessed

Jean-René Cazeneuve also responded to Eric Coquerel: “Bidders should fill [le] deficits, external sources of finance, question the foundations of our pay-as-you-go system. For them, it’s less solidarity and more taxation“.

It would be irresponsible not to rebalance the pension system. It would be unfair not to reform it by reducing inequalities. Jean-René Cazeneuve

Véronique Louwagie (Les Républicains) followed the direction of the presidential coalition with this in mind. the only solution is to raise the retirement age and work longer“Despite this, the elected officials insisted on the necessity of establishing the acceptability of the reform by the population.

The government is introducing a reform today that incorporates a number of our proposals“, also deputy LR. Véronique Louwagie hopes to improve the text on several points, such as “better consideration and harmonization of family rights“or”better review of long careers“.

A study of the text, however, revealed the divisions of Les Républicains, as Fabrice Brun in turn said to himself:is not in favor of raising the legal retirement age to 64“. According to him, the reform “reinforces inequalities“.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy (National Rally) called his colleagues from the majority “reconnect with real social progress, real human progress“. Before confirming again: “Eit is clear that we will vote against this text.

Deferral of legal age and review clause

The Finance Committee specifically approved Article 7 of the reform, which provides for the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64. Finance MPs also accepted an amendment by rapporteur Marina Ferrari (Demorate).review clauseSeptember 15, 2027.

Currently, under this change, the Pension Monitoring Committee, assisted by the Court of Auditors, must report on its implementation to the government, Parliament and the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CSE). reform.

Nupes used the controversy to criticize the postponement of the legal age, “most doubtful article” Philippe Brun (Socialists) or even “guillotine event“Eva Sas (Ecologist).”You basically believe that a jobless society is necessary“, Mathieu Lefèvre (Renaissance) reacted.

Work liberates, work is a vector of social relations, work allows one to enrich oneself intellectually and in society. Mathieu Lefebvre

David Guiraud (LFI) replied: “People who are against labor are those who think that people, especially the working and middle class, can take away the fruits of their labor like a pen.

La France insoumise, through Raquel Garrido, also questioned the elected representatives of the National Rally, who, in his view, did not participate enough during the debates: “In the RN group of 11 members on this finance committee, we had both, sometimes even one.

However, the elected official noted that votes were tight during the exam day: “They were passed by about 5, 6 or 7 votes.“According to Raquel Garrido,”Marine Le Pen is [donc] Mr Macron’s game“.

Law “against women” for La France insoumise

Several MPs have tried to soften the impact of the reform on women, but they may lose some of their maternity housing. Raquel Garrido (LFI) particularly condemned a law “against women“.

This law is against women! We are women who will be punished the most! Raquel Garrido

Prisca Thevenot (Renaissance) replied: “A woman should not be defined simply by her childhood and ability to bear children. (…) We must distinguish between women with children and women without ?”.

Another aspect that ignites controversy: the employment of the elderly. suitable”gadget“or size”show“, especially by communists and environmentalists. The top-level index, which the government wants to create on companies with at least 300 employees, has been redacted to ban the phrase “older workers” (in favor of “seniors”).

The Finance Committee was taken only to give an opinion: therefore, the discussions that began in the justified Social Affairs Committee will continue from January 30. Text verification in the hemisphere, which will begin on February 6, should last three days.

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