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one computing device It is an automaton consisting of electronic circuits in which electrical signals circulate. These signals represent numbers (see digital electronics) on which the device automatically performs operations according to pre-written instructions.

Numbers are also used to represent printed characters, colors, or other information on a device. The device thus not only manipulates numbers, but also manipulates them everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) The type of information that can be accessed by a electrical circuit (An electronic circuit is a collection of interconnected electronic components…) and converted into a sequence of numbers: texts, images, sounds or video (Video brings together all the techniques, technologies, allows recording, and also…). It also enables data storage and sharing.

L’computer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit that allows it to…)game console, ATM (Automated cash register (abbreviated as GAB in French from France) or cashier…)as well as avionics, GPS or mobile phone (A cell phone is also called a cell phone (or just mobile and portable)…) devices computer science (IT is the contraction of information and auto is the domain…).

one computing device (A computing device is an automaton consisting of electronic circuits that…) consists of the assembly of computer equipment. Provides compliance work to industry standards by various manufacturerstogether (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…).


printed circuit board (A printed circuit board is a support designed to hold components together, usually a plate…) of installed system (An internal system can be defined as an electronic system and…)

one computer generally designates a modular and unsigned machine designed for data processing.

one installed system generally refers to a computer device dedicated to a specific task.

embedded systems

The Game console especially a processing deviceinfographic (Computer graphics (incorrectly called computer graphics, more…) and simulation for fun. the ATM often done using a computer hidden in a box. The calculator is the oldest computing device.

the satellite receiver is a device that processes digital signals received by radio wave (A radio wave (also known as a radio wave) is an electromagnetic wave, its …) before sending TV (A television (or TV, a colloquial apocope) is a device with a screen…). signal decoding uses processing algorithms digital (Digital data is data…) of signal (General terms A signal is a simplified and generally coded message. It has…). the gps receiver receives signals from satellites and uses data cartography (Cartography refers to the preparation and study of geographic maps. The…) to createdigital image (The term digital image refers to any image (image, icon, etc.) of one geographical map (A geographic map is a representation of a geographic location. It highlights…).

Devicesavionics whom Automatic pilot (The autopilot (often abbreviated as PA) is a… or inertial unit performs the calculations geometry (Geometry is the branch of mathematics that studies the shapes of space…) and physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) etymologically…) based on the numbers obtained using sensors (A sensor is a device that converts the state of an observed physical quantity into one). This in appearance (Sight is the sense that allows us to observe and analyze the environment through perception and…) ensure navigation (Navigation is a collection of science and capabilities:) and security of aircraft, ships and space vehicles. Military aircraft are also equipped with weapons systems, computer devices designed to assist missions.

the telephone (Telephone is originally a communication system designed to transmit voice…) mobile, camera and camera (The term camera comes from Latin: camera, meaning photo camera. It designates a device…) video are devices that used to be electromechanical or analog electronic (Analog electronics is a collection of electronic systems that process information…), now using computer hardware techniques. Likewise the electronic circuits of cars, dishwashers and chains hello fi (Hi-Fi is short for “High Fidelity” in English, which…) now use computer-based methods.

they are robots are electronic, mechanical and computer (mechatronic) devices that perform manipulations independently. Autonomy is provided by a computer device placed inside or outside robot (A robot is a mechatronic device (mechanics, electronics and…). one computer bot a automaton (A vending machine is a device that works automatically, i.e. without…) Software (In computing, software is a collection of processing data…) which is placed on the computer, performs operations autonomously.

one Network attached storage (abbreviated: NAS, translation: network attached storage) is a device designed to store data and make it available over a network. computer network (A computer network is a collection of interconnected devices…). The routers and firewall (English firewall) are devices that check, sort and filter data passing through a network (A computer network is a set of devices connected to each other to exchange information…) computer science.


a the waiter is a computer used to automatically respond to requests sent by a computer network. It usually performs the operations of storing, distributing and sorting information.

anglicism key staff sets a large server Strong (The word power is used in a certain sense in several areas 🙂, used as the central computer of a large computer network. one supercomputer (A supercomputer (or supercomputer) is a computer designed to achieve the highest…) a very high-performance, often large computer measure (In common sense, the concept of size refers to size; sizes…)used for operations that require many calculations, such as weather forecasts or simulations.

a Personal computer (Also called personal computer, microcomputer, or personal computer…) also called microcomputer is a small computer designed for use it (Usage is the act of using something.) personal. A workstation is a high-powered personal computer that is often used by several people in turn. one laptop is a small personal computer designed to be carried in a suitcase. one personal assistant a hand-held computer that is usually used as a calculator, daily (Coordinating daily actions with time and thus… or notepad. one smart phone it is both a personal assistant and a mobile phone.

anglicism household appliances (translation: device), the key identifies the computer being sold hand (The handshake effect is organ…)and intended for specific use, eg web server, firewall.

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