an even more elitist prize list crowning avant-garde and radical works

50e The edition of the Charentais comics festival has announced the prize list. Vintage, as usual, unfortunately no longer reflects the eclecticism of the popular genre.

We could expect that. The gap between mainstream comics and the prizes awarded in Angoulême continues to grow. For issue 50, we’d hope for a breakthrough. The selection of the Grand Prix at Riad Sattouf at the start of the festival gave some hope. Creator of the series Arab of the future symbolized a delicate bridge between the demanding author’s comic strip and the highest number (album sales of more than one and a half million).

This 2023 list, on the other hand, confirms the jury’s desire to move away from popular comics. From Tintin to Gaston through Bécassine, Natacha, Yoko Tsuno, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Buck Denny, Blueberry or Spirou, there are no big-hearted comic book heroes (when Dupuis celebrates his centenary). Hero factory ). No more humorous comics with a drawing with a “big nose” stamp.

Gone are the adventure series and other swirling epics with real design: avant-garde, welcome to dark, radical, committed, introspective albums where graphic legibility or formal beauty are no longer the primary concern.

In addition to the absence of Franco-Belgian comics and mainstream publishers such as Dargaud, Casterman, Dupuis, Delcourt, Albin Michel or Le Lombard (which appeared on the sidelines of the awards), we saw that manga was especially awarded and especially. the triumph of a publisher with incredible talent, Serge Ewenczyk, publisher of Ca et Là publications “Foreign comics aimed at a teen/adult audience”this year it won three major awards, including the Fauve d’or for best comic.

The 50th edition of the Angoulême festival gave manga pride. And, as in recent years, to independent creativity. JOHANN BONNET, AFP

The electric atmosphere was also at its peak during this awards ceremony at the Angoulême theater. Members of the jury were crowned Color of thingsBy the Swiss author Martin Panchaud, an avant-garde album, comprehensive and square, between the abstraction of Kandinsky and the formal boldness of Chris Ware.

Only the Fauves jeunesse are given to the Youth Grand Jury All princesses die after midnightBy Quentin Zuttion as well The Long Walk of the TurksAvoid this experimental study in favor of Leonie Bischoff and Bathleen Karr, a story and very romantic characters.

Unfortunately, we regret that the jury missed the crowning achievement of its work. The Last QueenJean-Marc Rochette’s sumptuous album, at a time when Bastien Vivès was shocked by the adventure, the famous Snowpiercer declared that he wanted to leave the world of comics and end his career.

We feel this radical and elitist list confirms the retirement of some and the rise of new comics from small independent publishers. A place for young people…

Full list

Fauve d’Or – Best Album Award

color of things, By Martin Panchaud, Editions Here and There.

Fauve d’Angoulême – Special Prize of the Jury

animator, Anouk Ricard, Editions Exemplaire.

Fauve d’Angoulême – Revelation Award

A tree frog in autumn (and more…), By Linnea Sterte – Translated by Astrid Boitel, Les Éditions de la Cerise.

Fauve d’Angoulême – Award for Series

Blood ties T.11, Shuzo Oshimi – Translated by Sébastien Ludmann, Editions Ki-oon.

Fauve d’Angoulême – French Television Audience Award

naphthalene, by Sole Otero – Translation by Éloïse de la Maison, Éditions Chà et Là.

Fawn of High School Students

letter, Ximo Abadía – Translated by Anne Calmels and David Schalvelzon, Editions La Joie de lire.

Fauve d’Angoulême – Heritage Award

stone flowers, By Hisashi Sakaguchi – Translated by Ilan Nguyen, Revival Publications.

Fauve Polar SNCF

dog dog By Nicolas Pegon, Editions Denoël Graphic.

Eco-Fauve Raja Award

under the sun By Ana Peñas – Translated by Benoît Mitaine, Actes Sud L’An 2.

Fauve Alternative Comics Award

Forn de Calç, collective, Extinció Edicions (Spain).

Youth Grand Jury Special Fauve

All princesses die after midnightBy Quentin Zuttion, Editions Le Lombard.

Fawn Youth

The Long Walk of the TurksBy Leonie Bischoff – Bathleen Karr, Editions Rue de Sèvres.

Respect animals

Junji Itō.

Ryoichi Ikegami.

Fauve special of the 50th issue

Hajime Isayama.

Philippe Druillet Prize

A cliffManon Debaye, Sarbacane Editions.

Konishi Award

Dai Dark – Vol.1Q Hayashida, Translation Sylvain Chollet, Editions Soleil.

René Goscinny Award – Best screenwriter

Ghosts of the Past MachinaBy Thierry Smolderen, painting by Jorge Gonzalez, Edition Dargaud.

René Goscinny Prize – Young Screenplay Award

LeatherBy Mieke Versyp, Publications Here and There.

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