Impossible photo of Emmanuel Macron, Blackpink and Pharrell Williams

Uncanny – Emmanuel Macron, Pharrell Williams and Blackpinks, so this is the multiverse? On January 25, the president was seen backstage with the American singer and four K-pop icons Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose after a concert at Zenit in Paris as part of the Operation Yellow Pieces sponsored by Brigitte Macron.

Their meeting is already difficult, but it does not end there. Emmanuel Macron took photos of Pharrell Williams and Blackpinks on the phone. Usually at the front of the stage, the president moved almost to lambda fan next to five international stars.

A photo of the moment went viral after it was posted on an Instagram story by Alexandre Arnault, CEO of Tiffany & Co jewelry brand, son of Bernard Arnault and inspiration for one of Blackpink’s singers. social networks, as shown in this tweet below:

Translation of the tweet: “French President Emmanuel Macron takes a picture of Pharrell and BLACKPINK for them. I never thought that one day in my life I would say this sentence.

Emmanuel Macron’s photo remains a mystery

The video shows the details of the scene: we get at least two shots of singers Blackpink and Pharrell Williams, applying Emmanuel Macron to the shot from behind. Since the final shot has not been published, the mystery still hangs on the image’s origin.

One of “Blackpink” asked the president to take a photo with Pharrell and vice versa, or he wanted to immortalize the memory of Emmanuel Macron’s phone.

Anyway, in the video, we see him taking a picture with his iPhone, holding another phone in the same hand. Since the president is known to have two iPhones, the snap is potentially still in his hands.

The sight clearly sparked a reaction from Internet users on Twitter and TikTok, who were amazed to see a public figure acting as a photographer for celebrities who are better known than him.

I am waiting for a group of people who can beat or recreate this historic BLACKPINK image; Along with Pharrell, Emmanuel Macron took the shot and Alexandre Arnault captured the moment.

Some experienced eyes even noticed the radio presenter and former presenter Bernard Montiel Videogag, in one corner of the picture. The world is definitely small.

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