Stanislas Guerini’s email does not go through

>> ARTICLE ONLINE 28.01.2023 07:50 | UPDATE 08:31

The email sent by the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFIP) contains a message from Minister of Transformation and Public Services Stanislas Guerini to agents. Here is a link to a nearly six-minute video introducing the reform measures, particularly those affecting civil servants.

“In the video, Stanislas Guerini speaks directly to the agents and explains the reform as if it had already been passed in parliament.“, AFP Céline Verzeletti, secretary general of the federal state trade union CGT, testified.

“Political Propaganda”

The email was sent to the agents personal address “provide information for tax returns” and not “about business addresses” For community service to Unsa.

The Ministry of Public Service for the Force Ouvrière (FO) confederation has “investigated” the intention of using citizens’ email addresses for “political propaganda”. The FO declares that it has “immediately” seized the National Commission for Accountability and Liberties (CNIL) to “ensure the protection of the personal data of all agents”.

The privacy watchdog said it did some checking.

“At this stage of the investigation, the CNIL is therefore not yet in a position to comment on the appropriateness of the use of personal data made. It will take a position later,” he said in a statement.

The ministry explained it “This video message is HR content (human resources, editor’s note) conveying information to civil servants about their pensions”. He added that this video has already been posted on the ministry’s website.

The Ministry assured thatno contact file transferred” Especially between the DGFIP and the ministry having email addresses reported by government officials (professional and/or private) for salary information.

According to the same source, “This procedure has already been applied in the past, for example, by the Ministry of Transformation and Public Services, distributing letters to agents about additional social protection.”

The irony of January 28, Data Privacy Day

Personal data protection is a key issue in our modern society. On a daily basis, we are forced to share personal information in a variety of situations, such as at work, when interacting with government agencies, in healthcare, when purchasing or receiving services, or even when researching on the Internet.

Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of the risks involved in protecting their personal information and their associated rights. They often do not know how to act when they believe their rights have been violated or what the role of national data protection institutions is.

In order to raise awareness about these issues, the European Council decided to hold the data protection day, which is celebrated on January 28 every year. This date marks the opening for the signature of the Council of Europe Data Protection Convention (CETS No. 108). Today is celebrated globally (outside Europe) as “Privacy Day”.

On this occasion, governments, parliaments, national data protection authorities and other actors organize events to raise public awareness of the rights to protect personal data and respect privacy. These can be awareness campaigns, educational projects for teachers and students, open doors at data protection institutions or even conferences.

How ironic for the authorities: “Do as I say, not as I do”!

(via AFP)