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iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 are available in beta versions from the end of October 2022, and final versions for everyone from December 13.

Note that iOS and iPadOS 16.2 can be installed on all iPhones and iPads that support iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Below are the changes that these new updates bring to iPhone and iPad.

What’s new for iOS and iPadOS 16.2?

  • Stage manager and external display (iPadOS only): this app window management feature can be used with an external display connected to the iPad, with up to 8 apps visible in Stage Manager on the remote display (compared to 4 apps on the iPad screen). The only condition is that the iPad must have an Apple silicon chip
  • Urgent call: The appearance of a new option in the settings that allows you to notify Apple in case of unwanted activation of the emergency call function
  • Home kit: HomePod software in iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16, as well as macOS Ventura version 13.1 and 16.2, the new architecture underlying the HomeKit ecosystem. This new feature should, on paper, improve HomeKit performance with compatible devices. These should be updated to support the new HomeKit architecture, not to be confused with the new Matter standard coming with iOS 16.1. The changes underlying this new version of HomeKit are pretty vague at the moment
  • Live Activities: Live Actions may be updated more frequently. You must go here to change this new option Settings > app name > Live Actions, and enable the “More Frequent Alarms” setting. For example, you can test with the Apple TV app. Be careful, when enabled, this option can significantly affect the autonomy of the iPhone.
  • Free form: Apple’s new “free” note-taking and drawing app is finally here. You can write text, insert images, PDFs, web links or even type on the keyboard with the Pen on a page, among other possibilities, especially collaboration via FaceTime. Here’s a demo of the MacRumors app:

  • Widget for medical treatment: a new widget can be added to the lock screen that allows you to track medication intake, two screen options, the first is a pill that allows you to go directly to the Treatments section of the Health app, and the second shows the details of the current treatment

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  • Wi-Fi calling for Free Mobile subscribers: This feature is not available on iPhone for Free Mobile subscribers with iOS 16.2, it is available now as shown in the tweet below
  • Availability: The source code of iOS 16.2 beta 2 revealed new interface customization options, including making bigger buttons, bigger icons or blocking access to certain features, etc. See sample screenshots below
iOS 16.2 new accessibility screen options

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  • Sotck exchange: Apple’s stock tracker is getting new sorting options. The sort setting is independent for each watchlist configured and also applied in the Stocks app widget
  • Screen always on: New options appear on iPhones that use the always-on display feature (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max so far). It is found in them Settings > Brightness & Display > Always on display. These are two tweaks to show or hide the wallpaper and notifications when the always-on screen is on. If these two options are unchecked, the screen shows a black background and no notifications. Until then, you should have used this trick to get a similar result
The iPhone 14 Pro screen is always in the settings

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  • iOS Security Answer: Apple has introduced a new Security Response feature for iOS that includes the ability to quickly suggest security updates.
iOS 16.2 Security Response

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  • Old notifications: previously you had to swipe up from the bottom of the notification center or home screen to see old notifications. In iOS 16.2, the behavior is the same on the lock screen. On the other hand, new and old notifications are displayed automatically
  • Show the error when changing the program: some screen errors may occur when switching from one application to another. This bug was fixed in iOS 16.2
  • AirDrop and the 10-minute limit: After AirDrop is enabled with the “Everyone” setting, sharing can be done in just 10 minutes. After this time, AirDrop switches back to “Contacts Only” mode. Until then, there was no time limit. This is an add-on required by the Chinese government to avoid sharing content that is against it.
  • Security: End-to-end encryption is available for most iCloud data, including device backups, notes, Apple ID, and photos. This prevents anyone who intercepts the data from being able to decrypt and read it, the decryption code resides on the device that wants to learn the content, usually your iPhone
  • Posts: improved search functionality based on terms found in photos
  • Apple Music: As we already announced here, the new karaoke feature is on the way
Apple Music Sing

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tvOS and watchOS features

tvOS 16.2 also gets some new features, including voice recognition that lets Siri recognize a user based on their voice and profile.

Finally, watchOS 9.2 will use new features Road Race, which allows you to compete against yourself or your friends, for example by running or cycling on set routes. The OS for Apple Watches also features improvements to the Noise app, Kickboxing activity, and tracking race data during track sessions. In watchOS 9.2, the Apple Watch can specifically identify which lane of the athletics track you’re running on.

Race route in watchOS 9.2

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iOS and iPadOS 16.2: key dates of their development

  • Tuesday, October 25: the first beta for developers, which brings many changes, as described in the article and seen in the video below.


  • Wednesday, October 26: iOS 16.2b1 goes into public beta
  • Tuesday, November 8: second developer beta bringing changes like new medical treatment monitoring widget, 5G support in India, Wi-Fi calling support for Free Mobile subscribers as well as bug fixes. You can see everything new in iOS 16.2b2 in the video below.

  • Wednesday, November 9: iOS 16.2b2 goes into public beta
  • Tuesday, November 15: iOS 16.2b3 is moving into developer beta with a big change, a new option to toggle the always-on screen mode on compatible iPhones. We described this supplement at the beginning of the article. Also check out the video below that summarizes the changes in iOS 16.2 beta 3

  • Wednesday, November 16: iOS 16.2b3 goes into public beta
  • Thursday, December 1: iOS 16.2b4 goes into developer beta with minor changes

  • Friday, December 2: iOS 16.2b4 goes into public beta
  • Wednesday, December 7: Release of iOS 16.2 in RC beta
  • Tuesday, December 13: releasing the final version for everyone

Attention all those who have already installed iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, tvOS 16.2 or watchOS 9.2 on their machines, have you noticed any other notable changes other than those listed above in the article?

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