How to delete your Twitter account? Tired of social media or Elon Musk? We explain how to do it!

We quickly explain everything you need to know How to delete your account in a few clicks.

How to delete your Twitter account permanently?

There is nothing easier to completely delete your Twitter account and it can be easily done on a computer (PC and Mac) in these four steps:

  • first, go to the site with your browser and log in;
  • then, on the left of your screen, click More, then Settings and privacy;
  • third, select the option Your Account, then deactivate the Account in the right column;
  • finally, at the bottom and in red, click on Deactivate and enter the account password.

On Android or iOS, the process is simple:

  • open the app on your smartphone and tap your profile picture in the upper left;
  • below, select Settings & Privacy (for Android users) or Settings & Privacy (for iPhone users);
  • click on your account;
  • below, select Deactivate account;
  • Confirm by tapping the Disable button and entering the password.

What happens when you delete your account?

When you delete your account, your profile will no longer be visible or searchable by other users. However, your old records will still be available, they just won’t be linked to your account. Also, as shown the site’s official help page, deleting their account will not affect the results of search engines like Google and Bing. Indeed, the network clarifies that they do not “control” these sites, so your information will always be there.

Also, once you delete your account, it will not be possible to recover your personal data, even if the network states that it has the right to retain certain data from your deactivated account to ensure its safety and security in its systems. security of the platform and its users. Check it out if you want to know more this page.

How to temporarily close your Twitter account?

If you’ve decided to leave a social network, but you’re still not sure if you want to leave it forever, Temporarily deactivate your Twitter account it’s a good idea. To do this, follow these steps:

  • open your browser and go to the site;
  • after logging in, click More on the left, then Settings and privacy;
  • select Cancel Account in your account;
  • Before clicking on Deactivate, select the period for which you can reactivate your account (30 days or 12 months);
  • finalize by clicking the red Deactivate button at the bottom and entering your password.

Of course, the same operation can be done on mobile devices:

  • tap your profile picture at the top of the app;
  • scroll down a bit, then select Settings & Privacy (Android) or Settings & Privacy (iOS);
  • go to your account and select the deactivate account option;
  • below, click Disable, your password will be required to confirm the operation.

To reactivate the account, log in again before the 30-day or 12-month period expires. The network will ask you to confirm that you want to reactivate the account. If you confirm, your profile will reappear and all your old tweets will remain there.

What information does Twitter collect about you and how do you get it?

Most websites and social networks collect information about you either overtly or covertly, and bluebird is no exception. Twitter obviously has access to the information you provide yourself: your last name, first name, city and region, phone number, email… They can also access your IP address, your tweets and the links you share.

Follow these steps to upload your data:

  • on the site, click More, then Settings and Privacy;
  • Select Download a copy of your Data in your account;
  • perform authentication steps (password, SMS verification).
  • You will then receive an email or notification within 24 hours to download your personal information.

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