“Masdakization” is widely applied to TikTok

“Masdeka doesn’t know that I subscribed, look at that.” A simple sentence that has become a real trick in social networks. Masdak has been a hit for the past few months and was even trending this summer. Perhaps content creators have now found the recipe for success: content that is simple, informative and above all speaks to as many people as possible. “A short format that goes to the basics,” concludes Masdak.

With 2.4 million followers on TikTok, the man embodies both the customer and the brand. The purpose of each piece of content? Resolve a dispute that a consumer may encounter on a daily basis at a kebab shop or at the airport. Within a minute, an internet user should find the answer without scrolling through multiple pages of consumer code.

“I’m Masking”

But you have to go back to 2020 to understand the genesis of his videos becoming a huge success. Having completed a master’s degree in banking and financial markets, in addition to a second year in banking law, Masdak quickly began producing content on social networks. In terms of time, we are in full custody and Masdak is starting to build his formats thanks to the content he gets inspired by on American TikTok.

Focusing more on finance, his videos will eventually cover all commercial disputes, such as bad invoices in the garage or the end of receipts in supermarkets. “From a topic, a situation, or different messages I receive, or different debates, I learn from it and ‘push’ behind it to benefit my community,” he says.


It’s already 2021 and Masdak wants to do more. He then introduces this idea of ​​a dialogue between two people: the person concerned with the dispute and the respondent (often brands or companies). Very quickly, the videographer even builds his own lexicon, reminiscent of the smurfs of the era. This lexical field also allows it to be recognized today. Each video is structured in the same way: the company does not respect consumer rights in front of the customer, and the latter replies: “He does not know that I am a Masdak subscriber, pay attention to that.”

But the lexicon does not end only with his videos. When we talk to him, the videographer tells us about the brands that he is “masdak”, “masdak”, and even “masdak”. Same observation on Instagram. “It all comes down to knowing how to mask at the right time,” teases one publication. But I don’t see any big ego here, despite being famous, Masdak keeps his feet on the ground and knows how to laugh about it. “I’m proud of it and play it up a lot on social media,” he said.

Simplified information

Time ellipse and we are now in 2022. After two years of gauging which content would work best, it’s finally a holy year for Masdaq. “I think it works because a lot of people don’t know where to find information to resolve a dispute. We believe that the law is complicated, but all the codes are at our fingertips,” Masdak stressed.

Masdak will even partner with brands it always checks for “relevant and serious content.” For example, he admits to turning down many contracts with brokers who offered him attractive sums to promote trading activities, for example.

“No lawyer, no lawyer, nothing”

After that, the videographer managed to make a living thanks to his content, but warns: “I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a lawyer, I’m not anything. My content is not there to replace the various specialized authorities dealing with various legal matters. I’m here to offer informative content that gets to the basics and provides a solution that benefits everyone.

Moreover, are internet users really winning their business by using “Masdakization”? It may be so. For example, one user tells us that he was able to use Masdaka’s advice for his father. After a trip abroad, the latter gets a huge bill for going beyond the unregulated pack. His son tries everything and, thanks to Masdak’s advice, wins his case and finally gets his account back.

Better earning videos on YouTube

Masdak now hopes that 2023 will be the year of approval. “I’m going to pursue what I do best: create content.” According to him, no radical changes are expected, so it is the vertical format that works best across platforms.

In addition, from February 1, content creators on YouTube will be able to earn money from the format of “short” videos. [courtes en français]. The idea of ​​the platform is above all to keep TikTok in a very close match. All is well for the influencer who seems to have already “masked” the coming year.

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