World Handball 2023 – Denmark vs France: players, TV, schedule

This is a dream final of two teams that have ruled the handball planet for more than 10 years. Two-time title holders Denmark will look to achieve an unprecedented feat by winning their 3rd consecutive world title. But the French team, which rediscovered the joy of the world finals since 2017, intends to win the 7th star in the form. Presentation of Denmark / France, this is the final of the World Handball 2023.

World Handball 2023: The Danish bench is in search of a historic hat-trick

Never in history has a country been able to win 3 world champions in a row. Romania, Sweden and France have failed to achieve this feat in the past, and Denmark will have a unique opportunity to do so. To give themselves this chance, the Scandinavians have achieved an almost flawless course. Mikkel Hansen’s partners, who did not compete against Belgium (43-28), Bahrain (36-21) and Tunisia (34-21) in the first round, lost to Croatia (32-32) in the main round. USA (33-24) and Egypt (30-25). In the 1/4 finals, they beat Hungary (40-23) and in the 1/2 finals, they prevailed over La Roja by forceps (26-23). A course that gives two-time world champions the right to defend their titles.

Denmark will rely on 2 world-class elements, goalkeeper Niklas Landin and full-back Mikkel Hansen, to land a new star in their form. Two players who need no introduction and have been leapfrogging their class in competitions around the planet for over 10 years. The goalkeeper from Kiel, Germany has won everything, be it national or club, and made all strikers from all over the world sick. As for the former Paris SG player, the best player of the 2019 and 2021 World Cups, age has no effect on his goalscoring prowess (36 goals in the competition) and the players he knows by heart. , he will be eager to show. remains one of the best players in the world.

The composition of the Danish national team

Guardians Niklas Landin (Kiel) – Kevin Moller (SG Flensburg)

Wing players : Magnus Landin (Kiel) – Emil Jacobsen (SG Flensburg) – Hans Lindberg (Fusche Berlin) – Johan Hansen (SG Flensburg)

Pivots : Magnus Saugstrup (Magdeburg) – Lukas Jorgensen (GOG) – Simon Hald (SG Flensburg)

Backs : Rasmus Lauge (Weszprem) – Mathias Gidsel (Fusche Berlin) – Henrik Mollgaard (Aalborg) – Mads Mensah (SG Flensburg) – Mikkel Hansen (Aalborg) – Jacob Holm (Fusche Berlin) – Simon Pytlick (GOG) – Lasse Moller (SG) ) Flensburg) – Mads Hoxer (Aalborg).

Trainer : Nikolai Bredahl Jacobsen

Handball World Cup 2023: Blues to the 7th heaven

After failures in the semi-finals in 2019, 2021 and 2022, the French team finally managed to cross the threshold to reach the final of this World Handball 2023. Against Sweden at home, 31 -26, This allows Guillaume Gille’s players to dream of getting the 7th star in tricolor. The match was mastered from start to finish with Vincent Gérard omnipresent in the French cages knowing how to set the pace of the match. But the next step promises to be the most difficult.

Because in order to defeat the two-time world champion, the French Olympic champions will have to do everything they can. Pivots Ludovic Fabregas, Luka Karabatic and Nicolas Tournat will be the focal point of the competition, inflicting a lot of damage on their French opponents since the start of the competition. Whether in defense or attack, their contribution is one of the strengths of this French team at this World Handball 2023. Dika Mem, Nedim Remili and Kentin Mahe will have the mission to lead the tricolor attack and impose their pace on the Danes. Very good in the semi-final, Élohim Prandi is uncertain after a wrist injury he picked up after a bad fall in the final minutes against Sweden. For his part, Nikola Karabatic still has a problem with his foot and his participation in the final remains undecided.

Composition of the French team

Guardians : Charles Bolzinger (Montpellier HB) – Remi Desbonnet (Montpellier HB) – Vincent Gérard (Saint Raphaël Var HB)

Left wing players : Mathieu Grebille (Paris SG HB) – Dylan Nahi (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Left backs : Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes) – Nikola Karabatic (Paris SG HB) – Romain Lagarde (Pauc) – Elohim Prandi (Paris SG HB)

Central parts : Kentin Mahé (Veszprèm) – Nedim Remili (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Pivots : Ludovic Fabregas (FC Barcelona) – Luka Karabatic (Paris SG HB) (cap) – Nicolas Tournat (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Right backs : Dika Mem (FC Barcelona) – Melvyn Richardson (FC Barcelona)

Right wing players : Yanis Lenne (Montpellier HB) – Valentin Porte (Montpellier HB).

Trainer : G. Gilles

How to watch Denmark/France match?

The Denmark/France game will be broadcast live on BeIN Sports 1 and TF1 from 21:00.

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