▷ My 9 community manager decisions!

Looking to make some changes to your online community for 2023? It’s a great time as a community manager to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve. So make good decisions now to start strong!

1. Expand your skill set

Versatility is a key asset in any field. Therefore, as a Community Manager, you should always train yourself to acquire the additional skills you will need. Register now for the “Implementing a Social Media Strategy” training course, a module of the “Grow Your Business with Web Marketing” course.

2. Master growth hacking

Yes, growth hacking can increase your followers rapidly, but learn to master the art! The goal is to rapidly test marketing channels and product development to determine the most effective and efficient ways to grow the business. Avoid playing cat and mouse with another community manager on social networks, you risk losing credibility.

3. Wake up early

Alarm clock not your friend? Do you arrive at 9:30 every morning and the others at 9 am? Do you often practice the technique of putting your jacket on the chair so you arrive early? Come on, for this year, try to activate the alarm clock mode to be on time!

4. Improve your spelling

We know your days are busy between meetings, client meetings, and content creation: the day flies by incredibly fast! But please don’t neglect spelling on social media, take the time to write your posts correctly, Bescherelle covered in spelling fonts can hang around! If you’re in doubt about your sentences, take the time to consult Google, it can really help!

5. Read, read and read again!

We can never tell you enough, but being cultured is a huge asset! So take advantage of technological advancements to increase your reading or hang out at local libraries from time to time. Read and learn strategies from your competitors or classic strategies. Use your literary culture to spread a message, entertain your audience, or enrich your community. This strategy is always profitable and beneficial for your company’s image.

6. Don’t abuse trendjacking

Trendjacking allows you to broadcast a news related message to gain attention. Well, well… It’s tempting to follow the trend, but be careful not to overdo it! Remember that not everything is allowed, especially online, try to set yourself limits based on the ethos and personality of your brand, otherwise slip-ups and accidents will happen. then it can be fatal for you. !

7. Turn off screens regularly

Are you always in front of your computer screen and can’t get away from your smartphones? It’s really hard to leave your online community… But take time out of the weekend to disconnect, schedule your posts, and check your notifications.

8. Negotiate a raise

A community manager is often considered the lucky guy who spends all his days on Facebook because we don’t know what your job entails or what your added value is. Sometimes you’re a freelance community manager, an intern, an emergency graphic designer, a project manager when needed, but above all, you’re underpaid! Don’t undersell your skills because yes, you are important. So, above all, don’t hesitate to stand up for your rights in your company.

9. Control your temper

Do Internet users annoy you? Criticisms that follow one after another, opinions of disgruntled users that never stop? Yes, it can be really difficult. However, remember that you are representing a brand, company or client, so don’t let bitterness get the better of you and stay professional no matter what!

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