Released in Japan on January 26, Disgaea 7: Oaths of the Virtuous will fall this to fall in Europe and the United States nintendo switch, play station 4, PS5 and computer. As expected, it was announced during a special presentation dedicated to its 30th anniversary Nippon Ichi Softwareorganized by the publisher NIS America. Vows of the Virtueless is a Western exclusive subtitle, the game is simply called Disgaea 7 in Japan. Moreover, we wanted to group all the information, videos, images and illustrations discovered by NIS on Disgaea 7 in recent months in one file, which you can find at this address. In line with previous episodes, a western version of Disgaea 7 will also be included texts in French and Englishand English dub in addition to Japanese voices. Additionally, several physical editions on Switch, PS4, and PS5 will be offered by NIS America, which we detail below. Note that in connection with the announcement of the localization of the game, Gematsu had the opportunity to interview the director shunsuke Minova About the creation of this new installment of NIS’ flagship series.

physical editions

In physics, the standard version of the game is the deluxe edition. He will understand a download code with the game, a mini artbook, and some game music.

Only at the official NIS America store, here February 3 from 13:00 (France time) A limited number of pre-orders will be available for the European version. He will understand deluxe edition content, Art of War art book, Songs of Honor two-disc soundtrack, steel book, mini display, Netherworld Warriors yunomi (tea cup) and collector’s box.

This limited edition is available for pre-order at NIS America’s official American store $99.99. Another version featuring the luxuries of Hero Fuji and Hero Pirilika is also available for pre-order. $158.99. These plushies are sold separately in the store along with other NIS 30th anniversary merchandise. They will also be available in the European store from February 3 at 13:00.

Game reminder

Disgaea 7 once again a Strategy and simulation RPG. This new episode is directed by Shunsuke Minowa and surprisingly marks the return of the character designer. Takehito Where. This time, the team responsible for the soundtrack is different. He is indeed a sound director Takeshi Matsumotowho works Angle G and previously worked on two NIS titles, The Liar Princess and the Blind Princess and The Cruel King and the Great Hero. Matusmoto composed and arranged the music along with three other composers: Tomohiro Horihata, mook and Kaoru Otsuka. theme song, Unlock Hinomotoperformed by Hiyori Nitta. Last topic Fuji no Gaika or Hibikaseteperformed by Tomo Sakurai. There is another song Akuma Zamuraiis carried out by Kenyu Horiuchi.

The adventure of this new episode takes place in Hinomoto. This demonic realm is changing, and the days of brave warriors are coming to an end soon. Caught up in all the chaos, the lazy samurai Fuji and the die-hard Bushido fanatic Pirilika meet unexpectedly. They are fighting against an oppressive regime that will lead them to salvation and honor. The developers have added new features such as Gigantification, Inferno Mode, Item Reincarnation, an improved auto-battle feature, as well as ranked online battles, which allow characters to become titanic and deal extremely heavy damage. In total, there will be 45 character classes, including 4 brand new ones: Maiko, Bandit, Zombie Princess and Evil Eye.

The demon kingdom of Hinomoto is in turmoil, and the era of noble warriors is coming to an end. Bushido, a moral and ethical code respected by the inhabitants, gave way to the “Hinomoto Code of Destruction”. Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuous tells the story of lazy warrior Fuji and Bushido devotee Pirilika as they find unexpected allies in their fight against an oppressive regime and discover the true meaning of the words “honor” and “honor”. salvation”.

Lessons: Disgaea 7 features over 40 character classes, including four new ones: “Maiko”, “Bandit”, “Zombie Maiden” and “Big Eye”.

Auto Battle: As in previous games, you’ll be able to replay a level you’ve already completed and face enemies in auto-battle. This feature allows you to gain additional experience and progress faster.

Online Ranked Battles: for the first time in the series, you’ll be able to participate in AI-powered ranked battles that will allow you to compete with other players online. The system relies on the moves of your opponents and the characteristics of the stages to execute the best possible strategies. Chaining wins allows you to increase your rank. On the other hand, back-to-back losses bring him down again.

Object Reincarnation: This mechanic, similar to the character reincarnation feature in previous games (which returns in Disgaea 7), allows you to reincarnate objects and transform them into something completely different. The more you reincarnate an element, the more powerful it becomes!

Hell Mode: some characters have a “Hell Gauge” that fills up during battle. Once the gauge is maxed out, the character enters “Hell Mode” which boosts their stats and unlocks unique abilities.

Tourism: As soon as peace is restored in one of the Hinomoto regions, you can return there to visit places. You can then chat with residents who have continued their lives, open bonus dialogues and recruit new companions (after beating them, of course).

Giantization: All characters in Disgaea 7 can be giants. This makes them stronger and increases their stats and damage. But be careful, this also applies to enemies ! ยป

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