Baptiste sets Twitter on fire, Karine Le Marchand is cautiously reframed

Live M6 screenshot / Love is in the grass

First portraits and first big crush. This Monday, January 30, 2023, M6 presented the first faces of the new season of Love is in the drawer. Among them is Baptiste, a thirty-year-old father who has conquered (very) many viewers both because of his favorable physique and spiritual qualities. Its success promises to be so great that Karine Le Marchand saw fit to tighten the rules a bit…

Just days before Valentine’s Day, M6 viewers were delighted to find their most romantic programming on Monday, January 30, 2023. The opening of the eighteenth season of “Sevgi Chamandin” took place with the release of portraits of the candidates. An opportunity to discover the faces of farmers who bravely go in search of love. The production was very difficult to start this presentation evening. It really brought in one of the youngest recruits on the staff (perhaps the youngest of the season) in Baptiste. And he managed to attract the attention of his audience from the very first minutes.

Essential oil producer and sheep farmer from Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, this “young and brave” thirty-year-old was warmly welcomed by Karine Le Marchand, despite the thick fog on the day of the shoot. “You have a beautiful smile, you have a beautiful head,” began this green-eyed blonde with the spontaneity we know her. Seconds ago, the facilitator flinched as he watched her walk towards him in her immaculate white sneakers. However, behind this rather neat appearance, he quickly found his flaws…

“All women will fall for this emotional father”

Behind his beautiful clear eyes, Baptiste hides a huge scar. A year and a half ago, his partner and daughter Léontine’s mother left him suddenly. “He told me, ‘You’re perfect, you’re a great father, but I’m going to leave,'” said the young man, who later saw his offer of couples therapy rejected. “What they accused me of was working too much, not spending enough time at home,” he said. She would lose 13 kg and three weeks after this brutal breakup. With the support of friends and family, it would take some time to heal…

This challenging conversation will allow Karine Le Marchand and the audience to discover a sensitivity behind this useful physique. If he returned to this painful episode with tears, Provence was able to speak with great tenderness about his relationship with his 3-year-old daughter Léontine. After the young father left to devote himself as much as possible to her, he decided to sell a donkey and a horse to spare some time. Even though the little girl lives far away from him, she is his priority when he is happy to welcome her.

On Twitter, the combination of Baptiste’s good looks and sensibility has had its own little effect. Many Internet users do not hide their crush on this thirty-year-old young man and see him as “the handsome boy of the season”. Modest reviews were especially plentiful.

You still have to meet his criteria: Baptiste wants to meet a woman who has no children or father (so as not to alienate the child’s father), ideally a stable and faithful non-smoker. A stubborn and determined essential oil producer wants to start a family and live with his family in the house he built.

All interested viewers understood that there must be a lot of letters, because the competition will be tough. An opinion shared by Karine Le Marchand: “Once we have a handsome boy who will drown in the mail … Expectedly, the presenter even announced in voice that it is useless to send letters directly to Baptiste, because only those that reach the production will be opened. Remember that every year the suitors try to break the rules of the show by writing directly to the farmers off-camera or by going…

Video. Love is in the grass. This detail in the portrait of Baptiste amused Internet users

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