The impact of Avatar IA and ChatGPT will change business practices

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A video caught my eye on my LinkedIn feed this morning. This D-ID AI-generated video was created from a single photo. It’s not perfect yet, but the execution time is pretty fast and with their API it’s almost possible to industrialize the production according to Raphaël Chesnol. So I also wanted to create an informational video from the manufacturer of FairPhone:

Artificial intelligence is changing trends in almost every field. Different domains have different use cases and therefore suggest different types of machine learning models to address these use cases. Among the different types of artificial intelligence, there is a special type called generator AI (Generative artificial intelligence), which refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content, including text, code, images, audios, and even videos. training on available content. Artificial intelligence also plays a big role in creating content that is truly useful to engage the target audience. In today’s era, brand promotion, customer service etc. This process is quite long and often expensive. Professions will change, artificial intelligence will enable content to be done differently, but it will always require organizing people, following innovation and customer demands, but also thinking about stories…

The market for generative artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. According to Precedence Research, the global Generative AI market size is valued at USD 10.79 billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 27.02% during the forecast period 2023 to 2032, by 2032 is projected to reach approximately 118.06 billion US dollars.

Let’s take a quick look at the various end uses that leverage generative AI. End-user segments include media and entertainment, healthcare, business, financial services and insurance, IT and telecommunications, and automotive and transportation industries. Other smaller segments include security, aerospace and defense. Media and entertainment generated the majority of revenue in 2022. North America leads the market. In addition, companies such as Meta, Google LLC, and Microsoft are expected to drive the growth of the generative artificial intelligence market. Brief overview of Generative AI market share by region.

Benefits of using AI Studios

In traditional video production, hiring a host/actor and crew, having the necessary equipment and studios, editing requires experience and expense, and there is always concern and risk associated with new footage. If you use a custom AI avatar, it can align with your brand stories, an intuitive tool that is often very easy to use even for beginners. Saving time in video production, shooting and editing is significant, and finally, cost reduction is no longer an obstacle in the entire video production process.

You can test with Deepbrain, it’s a platform like D-ID, it will allow you to understand the power of tools that will only develop towards more maturity, because even if it’s simple enough, we can imagine much more complex and complex. more attractive!


Speaking with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during the Davos summit, the exchange was interesting about artificial intelligence, he recalls: “I’d say we’re still waiting for the industrial revolution to reach large parts of the world, 250 years later the #internet took 30 years, the cloud and #mobile maybe 15 and now for AI I think we’re talking. months”. He noted that one of the things Microsoft is thinking a lot about is how to implement this technology. He gave the example of Andrich Karpati, the former founder of Autopilot at Tesla, who is also an AI developer. Its co-pilot is GitHub, which generates 80% of its code! That’s not to say he’s not writing new code and not being more creative, it’s just that now he has 80 levers to do what he’s doing, he’s still the driver, but he’s got a co-pilot.

He gave another anecdote that, to him, was perhaps the most revealing of what could change with artificial intelligence. He was in India a few weeks ago and talks about how India is building very exceptional things around digital public goods built for payment. One of the digital public goods being built is language translation. So, basically, there is an open source project in India to build an app for anyone to translate between any Indian language (India has 122 major languages ​​and 1599 other languages). Satya Nadella quoted from a demo he saw—a rural Indian farmer trying to get into a government program expressing a complex thought that was translated by a bot in one of the local languages—and the answer came back. to the portal that explains how to access the program.

FYI, six years ago, Microsoft started building an AI supercomputer on Azure to train these large models, because the workload for AI required a complete overhaul of the system architecture of even the Informatique infrastructure. Microsoft formed a consortium of 80 companies around AI with Accenture.

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