The 2022/2023 biathlon season will begin on November 29, with 9 World Cup rounds spread across Europe, as well as the world championships in Germany next February. Last season’s winner, Quentin Filon Maillot, will be followed by the Norwegians, especially Johannes Boe, who will be looking to reclaim his possession from the French. On the women’s side, who will replace Marte Olsbu Røiseland, who won last year and is expected to fight to defend her title (at the time of writing, the start of her season has been postponed due to personal issues) with competition from the Oeberg sisters, Elvira and Hanna. Find our biathlon forecast for the 2022/2023 season.


Both men’s and women’s general classifications reward the most consistent biathlete and athlete of the season. There will still be many aiming for Holy Grace this season!

Men’s biathlon prediction: Quentin Fillon Maillet for the double?

Can Quentin Fillon Maillet, last season’s World Cup winner, do it again? The Frenchman caused a sensation by winning the grand slam in the general classification after finishing on the podium a season ago. The tricolor biathlete also took advantage of a bad season for Johannes Boe, who preferred to stop after the Beijing Olympics in order to rest and attack in the best conditions in this new season. The three-time winner of the big Norwegian crystal globe will favor our biathlon prediction (odds 1.90). The designated successor to Martin Fourcade, who won in 2019, 2020 and 2021, is the fastest on skis and can be flawless when shooting. 100%, Johannes Boe is simply unbeatable. Even if the tricolor athlete can hope to hold the dragee high (odds 2.60), the Norwegian will be the favorite, especially after losing and realizing that he has opponents who can compete! A 3c man can come and intervene to play spoilsport, Sturla Holm Laegreid. The Norwegian, who was second after the French last season (5.00 odds), is progressing year by year. But a ton below the other 2 biathletes, he would have to take a new step this winter.

Women’s biathlon prediction: Oeberg sisters in power?

The battle for women’s general classification promises to be as open as ever. Last year’s winner, Marte Olsbu Røiseland, does not look in the best condition to maintain their chances. Due to personal concerns, the Norwegian is likely to miss the start of the season, preventing him from competing with rivals in, if not the most important event in the history of the sport. Therefore, we have to look elsewhere to find the consistency of the Norwegian athlete, and our biathlon prediction is for Sweden’s Elvira Oeberg (odds 1.75). Runner-up to Marte Olsbu Røiseland last season, he was the only one to go the distance against the pace set by the future world champion. If not the latter, the Swede should be able to take over and establish herself as the new queen of women’s biathlon! To compete with him this 2022/2023 season, you may have to turn to his twin sister Hanna Oeberg (odds 7.50). At the foot of the podium last season, the Swede will want to use the more open general classification this year to try to upset the biathlon predictions! But less stable, it can be difficult to compete over time. A third opponent may appear again, Dorothea Wierer (acts 20.00). Double winner of the big globe of the World Cup (was in 2019 and 2020). Of course, since then, the Italian has seen Norwegians from another planet stand in his way (Tiril Ekhoff in 2021 and Marte Olsbu Røiseland in 2022), but you don’t win the general classification twice without talent! So it’s a must watch next season!

Biathlon prediction: all our tips to make your sports bet come true

You are here with our men’s and women’s biathlon prediction for the big globes of the World Cup. Now all that’s left is to enter the world of sports betting, and like all gambling, you have to be careful. Here are our tips for making your biathlon prediction in the best conditions:

  • Knowledge of biathlon: betting on biathlon and other sports requires knowledge of the minimum rules and history of this sport.
  • Learn about previous results: knowing a biathlete’s career results will allow you to target your biathlon forecast. Because some people feel more comfortable in a different type of snow (icy or soft). Don’t forget to check the form of the moment to see if the bet you are trying is smart!
  • The money you play will be yours! This is the most important tip for all gamers to watch your budget. Spending your money can be easy when making bank transfers from the armchair. Therefore, be very careful and do not hesitate to call specialized cells in case of difficulties (the phone number is displayed on every sports betting site).


Then you know our biathlon prediction for the general classification for both men and women, as well as our tips before entering the ruthless world of sports betting! All you have to do is find the right bookmaker to bet on, and finding the right one in a competitive environment is not easy. To help you choose, we present 3 bookmakers where you can make predictions for men’s biathlon and women’s biathlon:

  • Parions Sport: The most cited bookmaker in France and owned by FDJ, Parions Sports is the bookmaker you go to for your first biathlon prediction. It will be a pleasure to bet on this site with a bet up to the competition and its reliability.
  • Unibet: the number one competitor of the aforementioned bookmaker, Unibet also continues to climb the hierarchy to become a reference. With good ratings and an easy-to-use site, you can go there blindfolded.
  • Winamax: With some of the best odds on the market, Winamax has established itself as a serious contender in the world of sports betting over the years. Serious and reliable, it can be your best friend for biathlon betting!

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