Double contact – Marwa Loud: “I’m one of PSG’s ultras”

RMC Sport has a “culture-sports” section called “Double Connection”. Throughout the year, we bring you intimate and unusual interviews with artists in the news. We met Marwa Loud on the occasion of the release of her “Cloud” project. The 26-year-old singer tells us about her support for PSG, her relationship with Viraj Auteuil and her love for Marquinhos.

Hanging behind the doors, he jumps to his seat with a scarf around his neck, shouts and raises his arms to the beat of the drum. The face lit up from the smoke. Right in the middle of the battle. Marwa Loud feels right at home at the Parc des Princes. For the past few years, the singer from Strasbourg has been regularly visiting the stadium with her husband, a long-time PSG supporter. He even took out a subscription so he wouldn’t miss any big event. CUP members are also used to seeing him promote Rouge et Bleu.

“I am one of the ultras of PSG. Viraj Auteuil. I know all the songs, – says the 26-year-old artist. I like going to the match, I like the atmosphere. I was recognized in the stands” “Hey Marwa”, but then I am no longer counted. We’re all here for Paris.” Marwa (real name), who is in the capital to promote her project “Cloud” (released last month), introduces her favorite song on our microphone. With a big smile, she raised her fist: “After all these years of suffering and struggle, oh Paris SG, for you, we will break our voices…”

“Marquinhos has become a true Frenchman”

Among all the stars in the dressing room, Marva Loud has her favorite: “I love Marquinhos. He is my little gem in the team. Plus, he speaks French well. He loves Paris and France. He has become a real Frenchman. Marquinhos, I am also a fan, Verratti. I I’m not just talking about the players, even personally, I like the people a lot. But my love, it’s still Marquinhos. It’s true, it’s very Moroccan, They’re like those bloody boys, really (laughs).

After fearing his departure last season, the “Fallait pas” translator is delighted Kylian Mbappe has chosen to stay with his beloved club. Despite the progress of Real Madrid. “It’s normal for me that he’s at PSG, he observes. He’s from Paris. I think it was a childhood dream, even if his real dream was to go to Real Madrid, but at the end of the day he’s in Paris, France. This is for him. he is ideal. He had an incredible World Cup. In the last match (France-Argentina final, editor’s note), he did almost everything alone (…) I am a fan of his friendship with the Judge. I have already met them. , they are still was both. Even in everyday life, really both (smiles).”

“Amrabat is Morocco’s security”

Born in Alsace to Moroccan parents, Marwa Loud supported the Blues but played for the Atlas Lions during the 2022 World Cup. What if he had to keep this epic player in Qatar? “Haki didn’t impress me, because I know him from PSG. I thought he played well, but he was on his pace as usual. So I would say Sabir. He was also Amrabat. In the group stage since the first game. (against Croatia) I told my husband: “He’s really the safety of the team.”

He has already exchanged ideas with Karim Benzema, who has connections with many athletes, loves his songs, and has more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram. He is also very close to the Moroccan team. “They have always shared my titles. Besides, I spoke to Hakimi for the first time maybe 6 years ago, all the Moroccans were on the bus, they put my voices and they liked it, so I talked to everyone a little bit.”

“It de-stressed a boxer”

Marwa herself was involved in several physical activities in her youth: “I tried many things until I found a sport that suited me. I tried handball, rugby, and finally I fell in love with English boxing. It made me feel good. I’m a super introvert and I find it comforting in boxing.” I thought. My strength in the ring? I’m super flexible. When I look at a point on my face, I don’t miss it! That’s what made me want to box. I’ve seen the movie Million Dollar Baby dozens of times.”

He also enjoyed the scent of Clore for a while as he was naturally comfortable in the water. Before putting down his hat and glasses for the night: “I was very thin at the time and my shoulders were getting squarer when I swam. I didn’t like my physical reflection anymore. So I stopped.”

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