Several new talents are joining Espresso communication

From the summer of 2022 Espresso communication has recruited six new talents to support it in its mission to always offer superior quality services and content while prioritizing authentic and rich human relationships.

Sabrina Chiassondigital strategist, communications team
Sabrina developed a passion for digital during two internships, especially in marketing, communication and social media strategies, one of which took her to The Other Store in Paris: an “unforgettable moment” in her career. He then continued his professional career at an agency in Montreal specializing in digital and social media. At Espresso, Sabrina has been part of the Espresso team for over six months, working on various mandates including the Martiniquais Tourism Committee, Multi-Prêts, 7Gen, Ovarium and Re:travail (for the Conseil du patronat du Québec). Now. My experience at Espresso is great: I am surrounded by creative people and work on different projects. I am very happy to be a part of this family!”

Anaise CamillienConsultant, Business Strategy and Practice, Management Group
Anaise, who has 10 years of experience in marketing and sales, including two years as head of recruitment platform InfopresseJobs, defines herself as a “creative with a strong entrepreneurial bent.” In his new position, his main mission is to integrate the external strategic vision into the working groups. “I discovered a company that cares as much about the success of their talent as the success of their customers. It’s an agency that deserves recognition, and I’m excited to contribute to its growth vision and impact.”

Antoine HebertWeb project manager, Communications team
Antoine’s school career began in graphic design and quickly moved into marketing. A graduate of UQTR, then he worked in various positions as a project manager and digital strategist. At Espresso, he supports clients such as 7GEN and the Quebec Federation of Single-Parent and Reconstituted Family Associations in the planning and management of digital mandates. “As soon as I arrived at Espresso, I joined a team full of talent and ambition, in addition to working on stimulating projects. I have the chance to build trusting relationships with our clients and see the difference our work makes.”

Genevieve Marciltranslator, Linguistic Services team
After her first career in health as a physical therapist, Geneviève was overtaken by her love of reading and writing. Therefore, he did research in the field of translation and “was seduced by the fact of playing with words to convey a message.” Its new functions mainly lead it to translate various contents of the Meta client into French. “It’s a pleasure to be part of the Espresso team and to be surrounded by colleagues who are experts in their field and who take their work and human relations to heart. Cooperation, mutual assistance and kindness reign in my new work environment.”

Estelle Bonin Lalondetranslator-reviser, Linguistic Services team
After a DEC in arts and letters, language profile, Estelle studied BA in translation at the University of Montreal. Later, he received a master’s degree in that field. After completing his studies, he first worked as a freelance translator, then worked in a law firm. At Espresso, he translates various content into French and revises various projects. “So far, my experience at Espresso has been more than positive. I received a very warm welcome and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful team!”

Emilie Schmidtproject manager, Communications team
Emilie studied marketing in France with a minor detour to Ireland. With a master’s degree, he later worked as an editor, marketing coordinator and project manager for several companies in France and Quebec. Emilie is now responsible for managing mandates for the Conseil du patronat du Québec, 7Gen, Enviroair and Tink. He “wants to develop professionally, to open himself up [ses] learn backstories, new skills and meet cool colleagues. His experience at Espresso so far? “An excellent integration within an artistic, approachable and caring team.”

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