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If you visited the social networking site earlier this morning, you may have noticed a new line called “Twitter Blue” on the desktop version of Twitter, which is the browser version of Twitter, in the left-hand menu. Remember, the purpose of the blue tick is, of course, to charge you $4.99 per month (current US exchange rate) to add your account’s certificate with the “Twitter Blue” option. billionaire Elon Musk. But don’t look for it now, because the option has completely disappeared from the menu. Believing that Elon, the intern, had created his own account again after keeping his account private to do other tests a few hours earlier. So is the paid blue tick available in France soon?

Pay for a certificate with the “Twitter Blue” option

We told you about this a few weeks ago, we had the right to come with a paid option to verify your account. For $4.99 per month (current US exchange rate) in some countries, you’re now entitled to a little blue dot next to your name after showing your white paw or almost with the “Twitter Blue” option. . Initially, Twitter Blue was launched in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on Android, iOS or Desktop. In these countries, Twitter Blue has been available for purchase through Stripe in the Twitter app or on for several weeks.


How much will or will Twitter Blue cost?

Twitter Blue subscriptions are billed monthly and are priced by region based on the current price of $4.99 in the US, for example. So you’ll have to check for pricing in eurozone currency or wait for Twitter Blue to be available in France. twitter help to find out the exact rate.

Meanwhile, Twitter users forced to pay for something that had been free up until now have been met with a lukewarm reception, going to Mastodon to find the grass isn’t greener elsewhere, then turning back the other way. due to complexity.

Twitter Blue is on the starting blocks in France

So it looks like the “Twitter Blue” option is on the starting blocks in France, where those who went to Twitter early this morning could see a new line called “Twitter Blue” appearing in the desktop version’s menu. On the other hand, don’t look for it anymore because the last one has been deleted. Believing that Intern Elon had re-appropriated his account after keeping it private a few hours ago. But we still had time to see what it was.

More options with Twitter Blue Certification

As Twitter notes, Blue subscribers with a Twitter Blue Certification verified phone number will receive the infamous blue icon to the right of their profile name upon verification. Twitter says that with this paid certificate you will have more options than with a free account: appear at the top of replies, mentions and search results, buy half of the ads, which means 50% less ads in the news feed, post longer videos. Get early access to some new features with Twitter or “Twitter Blue Lab”.

Plus, you’ll also be able to edit your Tweet up to five times within 30 minutes of posting it, show off your personality by choosing your NFT as your profile picture, or share 1080p, HD videos. FYI, NFTs (abbreviation for “Non-Functional Tokens”) are digital objects that you own.

We are sure that these are tests and the paid functionality will be fully available in France soon. It remains to be seen whether some will be willing to pay $4.99 per month (current rate in the United States) to display the famous blue icon on their account, especially when the account is poorly monitored and the budget is also suffering from a crisis. full power!


Basically, what is a Twitter certificate?

Initially, Twitter Certification is a certification program for businesses and organizations that want to demonstrate their expertise on the Twitter platform. A Twitter certificate is indicated by a blue verified icon on the verified company’s Twitter profile. This badge shows Twitter users that this company is known to be reliable and trustworthy when it comes to social media experience and communication.

Additionally, public figures, celebrities and influencers can also get Twitter certified. The same criteria apply to their application for certification, which ensures that their presence on Twitter is professional and credible to their followers and users of the platform. The certificate is intended for all companies, organizations and public individuals who want to improve their presence on Twitter.

With this new way of doing things, verifying accounts, Pandora’s box opens, and you’ll probably have to re-read the tweets that appear in your news feed twice!

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