Zahra Iyane Thiam withdraws from Twitter for 3 months and is murdered

the new CEO ofAseptic (Agency Senegal Export Promotion Agency) so he knows how to tweet interests. Regarding the issue of the 3rd period, Zahra Iyan ThiamSpeaking of which, he has just been swept away by the ministerial reshuffle that established Prime Minister Amadu’s new government. Bais unemployed. Since April 2019, she has been replaced by Mrs. Viktorina, who heads the Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy. Why? September 17, 2022. This armed, despite a Republican speech in the media indicating that he accepted his overthrowAPR he was beaten twice in a row in his castle sicap Freedom in the January 2022 local elections and the 2022 Legislature resents his dismissal.

Evidence, on October 30, 2022, he called on his Twitter account Company civil society will continue the fight against the 3rd mandate in 2011. He says that he is nostalgic for the time he was with her M23 to quarrel term. “June 17, 2011 – June 22 2011- 23 June 2011 – June 27, 2011, decisive stages of the Republican struggle. Only clarity and intellectual honesty should guide the actors we were yesterday. part of Company civilian” nostalgia?“, he writes.

This post of his does not make some militants of the ruling party revolt, who condemn his “ingratitude”. and he they ask you to protect your dignity and loyalty. This is the work of this Mamadou Sarr

He gets the nomination and radically changes his speech
Chairman on December 7, 2022 macky Hall appoints Zahra with his decree Iyan Thiam Heads the general management of the Export Promotion Agency (Aseptic). The lady has her own candy, so you can soak up the nostalgia for the 3rd period battle. Worse, it backs down and attacks dozens of organizations on the initiative Company It will cut off the citizen’s 3rd period macky room. The new DG asks Yen Tired and Company Let the Constitutional Council resolve the debate.

“Collective” Jam there is Gen 3 rd mandate”. What is this group and its purpose? signatories? make to our respect laws; for some to apply the exegesis of texts or for others to resolve political frustrationsothers! let’s go A skills decision,” he said.

Dean Alioune Tine’s reminder slap
There is nothing better than a reminder blow to refresh the memory of such a Senegalese politician, whose words are no more than a fly’s wing in the scales. And that’s the dean Alioune Tina, founder by AfrikaJom Center and no less a leader M23 He quoted Zahra’s tweet from 2011 Iyan Thiam to practice some recall. “Without him M23 Where You were very active with me 3 rd if you mandate, you probably won’t be a minister or director. When memory is looking for firewood…

A solution well received by Internet users who have fun hitting Aseptex DG.

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